Arch your back
Just a little
Make sure your curves look right
But not too much
You don’t want to look vulgar
Or do you?

There’s a fine line
Seductive and vulgar
You don’t want them 
To take the wrong idea
Or do you?

Hold some breath in
Give me your side profile
Chin up darling, 
You don’t want them 
To see your flaws
Or do you?

Colour your lips a shade darker
Wear tinted glasses
Look bold
You don’t want them
To know who you really are
Or do you?

And think. 
What are your flaws?
The colour of your skin?
The texture of your hair?
The spots on your face?
The shape of your body?
If everyone was flawless
How would you be 
Different from them?

What makes you unique
What makes you more human
Are your flaws. 
Don’t hide them because 
Someone told you that
Flawless human exists.
It doesn’t. 

Come out in the bright
And be who you really are
I want to see you without filters
I want to see how you look 
When you wake up
Or you sleep.
Or you laugh.
Or you cry.
Or you breathe.

You might not be flawless darling
But you are perfect.

 © Apoorva Bora

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