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You came to my place disguised as an eligible groom,
Looking for prey, not a bride.
Your eyes settled on the lady
who just entered the room,
Beauty walking with pride.

You could see it in her eyes she had to do it for her parent’s sake.
You tell yourself “She won’t be easy to break.”
She asked for a minute alone you agreed because you wanted to hear her voice.
She stated simply that you are not her choice.

You ask her the reason and she tells you about him.
She says she cannot love you as her heart is filled up to the brim.
“Are you pure”? Your eyes question her before you even start.
She admits that she has made love to the one who broke her heart.

She tells you that she doesn’t believe in love and marriage.
Your evil keeps on adding the information for the savage.
Following the plan, You spoke to her about the bright side of life.
You made her giggle and then formally asked her to be your wife.

You know She trusts you as you have kept her secret safe with you.
She says she hasn’t met a man before with a heart so true.
You make promises of love and take seven circles around the fire.
With each passing minute, your heart burns more with desire.

She leaves her house, family, surname and takes the first step in your palace.
The place she’ll look for love, trust and will find nothing but malice.
She sits waiting for you on the beautiful bed of roses.
You enter the room walking towards her and the door closes.

She blushes and turns away when you touch her for the first time.
You come near her and say, “So finally you are mine”.
You bring her close and make her sit on your lap.
She waits for a kiss and you plant a slap.

Oh had I known that you were a venom who’d kill my soul!
Oh had I known that you’ll turn blacker than coal!

You can see the shock on her face and hurt in those eyes.
You whisper in her ear, “I own you, other than this we have no other ties.”
You hold her firmly and kiss her lips with force.
She asks what went wrong and your smooth relation turned coarse.

Oh had I known the mind of this man was nothing but a maze!
Oh had I known that I was trapped in the name of marriage in this cage!

You tell her he is washing your sins as you’re impure.
She looks you with disgust and you tell her this is the only cure.
You force yourself upon her as she gets ready to reap what she had sown.
Like a hungry wolf, you hurt her and leave her with aching body and bone.

Oh had I known that my love would break my trust!
Oh had I known that it was never love but lust!

You ride up and down in the waves of power and manhood.
And there She lies beneath you looking for an escape if she could.
Your game of dominance began with the hits first.
Moved to regular beating till it fulfilled your thirst.

One day she wakes next to you with her hands tied.
She waits for you to untie her and doesn’t hide.
You should feel the pride of breaking her.
Instead, you feel the need for faking it to her.

Oh had you known that she was not easy to break!
Oh had you known that life doesn’t follow the rules you make!

You couldn’t know
You were not so smart.
Whatever you did
Could not break her heart.
Because it was wounded before
She knew how to act smart
Yes she gave you her body
But she didn’t give you her heart.

Oh had you known that you would not succeed in your goal!
Oh had you known that you could own her body but not her soul!

© अपूर्वा बोरा​

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