Nature reminds me 
Of women
Of the power of women
Of the qualities
That run deeper than the surface.

We live in a society where the compliments
That women receive are,

While some of them just scratch the surface,
Others dig deeper and look beyond.

That’s a beautiful river. 
But why stop at that?
Look how fierce it is.
Look how it moulds 
And breaks on its journey.
It is unstoppable.

That’s a beautiful tree.
But why stop at that?
Look how caring it is. 
Look how it withstands harsh weather
And holds everything together.
It is brave.

That’s a beautiful bird.
But why stop at that?
Look how fearless it is.
Look how it soars high
And tests its limits every day. 
It is free.

That’s a beautiful woman.
But why stop at that?
She is fierce.
She is unstoppable.
She is caring.
She is brave.
She is fearless.
She is free.

The next time you meet her
Don’t just scratch the surface.
Dig deeper and look beyond. 
There’s more to her than meets the eye.

She’s everything that
You dream or dread about. 
She’s a woman
And she’ll remind you
Of nature.

 © Apoorva Bora

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  1. Raju

    Haaye 😍

  2. Yeshey Needup

    Already a big fan now

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