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कुछ यादें बस दौड़ी चली आती हैं
शाम को एक कप चाय
दोपहर में नीम के पेड़ की छावं
बारिशों में कागज़ की कश्ती
गर्मी की छुट्टियों में पतंगबाज़ी
गुलेल से बंदरों को भगाना
पड़ोसी के अमरूद के पेड़
मास्टर-जी की छड़ी वाली पिटाई
सड़क किनारे वाली गरम मूँगफली
ठंड में सिके हुए भुट्टे
बालकनी में धूप सेकना
छतों में आँख मिचौली का खेल
गीली मिट्टी की खुशबू
और तुम्हारे घर की वो खिड़की
कहीं महज़ ज़िक्र हो तो
बस यादें दौड़ी चली आती हैं।

 © अपूर्वा बोरा

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  1. Vagmi

    यादें। I was in sixth standard when you were a prefect. The tall didi, in her curly hair would ask us to keep quiet;) Then years later when I am in in eleventh standard as I came across your instagram account-which was like a book, laid bare for me to read, re read, scrawl my own notes on how this thrilled me: The idea that life could be lived. I read your stories. I immersed myself in discovering your dimensions: Like a secret fan-not following, nor liking or commenting. Just witnessing. You hadn’t written what I wanted to read, nor was it what I thought you should have written. It was what you wanted to write, your life, your words, your stories, your ideas, YOU. That moved me. Whether I agreed with you over topics or not, I definitely sensed your abundance of vitamin me- and this timid child in me dares to be fearless. Looking forward to sharing khoob saari stories: कुछ लिखकर, कुछ मिलकर।
    Almora se,

    1. Silent Scarlet

      Hi Vagmi,
      Thank you for writing this to me. At quite a tender age we learn to adjust. We adjust our identities, dreams, beliefs and opinions according to the society. We need to unlearn this. We need to learn that we can be who we want to be without waiting for validation from anyone. You made me smile today, and for that I am grateful. I’d love to talk to you. Let’s catch up. You know where to text me.
      Warm wishes & warmer hugs! 🙂

  2. Vagmi

    Actually, I don’t have an instagram account( I just opened the site and saw your account😌 opened accounts, which never lasted for more than a week.😅) my email id in the info box, so if we could talk over emails. 😊

    1. Silent Scarlet

      Hi there, I’ll catch up with you over emails. Let’s be pen pals! 🙂

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